North East best region for driving

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Crusader Vans has carried out a study to find the best regions for driving. 


The North East ranked highest in the list, with Yorkshire and the Humber and drivers in the South West coming in second and third. 


People in the North East experience the least number of delays per day with just over eight minutes, compared to 25 minutes each day for London motorists. 


Joining the North East as the regions with the shortest commute, motorists in Scotland, Wales and the East Midlands have an average commute of 24 minutes. Unsurprisingly, it’s drivers in the capital that face longer journeys with their often shorter journeys still averaging 38 minutes a day.


London fuel prices are the most expensive at £1.31 per litre, but London drivers spend an average of just £505 a year based on typical mileage. Higher distances travelled in Wales and the South East put their fuel costs above all others at over £770 a year.


South Western motorists benefit from the lowest average insurance premium of £543, almost half of that in London which averages £1,098 annually.


Last year Scotland committed under 3% of the nation’s speeding offences, and even when measured against its population it puts Scotland highest on our list.


Yorkshire and the Humber recorded just over 70,000 speeding offences last year putting them above their northern neighbours, while London scored well proportionally with 70 people to every offence putting them in third place.


While they score high on most other metrics, for every 16 drivers in the North East, a speeding offence was recorded, putting them at the bottom of the list. With over 476,000 speeding offences, the South East find themselves narrowly just above the bottom.


Click here to see the full survey.


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