Young Driver launches motorway driving lessons for 10 year olds

Friday, February 15, 2019

Young Driver, the UK’s largest pre-17 driving school has announced it will be launching motorway style lessons for children aged 10 and over. 


The announcement comes as a survey of 1,000 UK motorists, conducted by TLF on behalf of Young Driver, reveals that 20% of UK full licence holders admit they feel nervous driving on the UK’s high-speed road network.  


One in five admitted they felt more vulnerable on motorways, fearing that things could go wrong very quickly at when driving at high speeds. 14% of those surveyed said they went as far as to avoid motorways wherever possible.


Young Driver’s Motorway Driving Experience will offer 10-17 year olds, who have already had at least two prior lessons with them, the opportunity to drive up to 70mpg on a full-sized motorway, usually used to train drivers for the emergency services. These lessons will be one-to-one in-car sessions in a dual controlled car with a fully qualified ADI.  In addition to teaching the youngsters how smart motorways work, the instructor will also share safety tips and advice for driving at higher speeds. 


Young Driver said, “Our research shows many UK motorists still feel nervous about driving on motorways, so it seems sensible to start introducing youngsters to the skills needed from an early age. 


“We already know that pre-17 driver education can create a safer newly qualified driver, cutting the accident rate in that all-important first six months by a half. But given some new drivers can pass their test having never put a tyre on a motorway, it’s no wonder our major roads can be something that concerns them as new drivers and for years to come. 


“Motorways are some of our safest roads – but obviously there are different skills needed when driving on them.”



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