New Nissan technology can ‘see’ around corners

Monday, January 7, 2019

This week Nissan will unveil its ‘Invisible-to-Visible’ (I2V) vision for connected cars, to help drivers see obstacles that would be otherwise hidden from sight.


I2V will merge real-time traffic data from the cloud with information from sensors on the outside and inside of the vehicle. It has been created through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is the company’s vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.  


This technology is able to track not only the vehicle’s immediate surroundings, but also to anticipate what could be awaiting ahead, even what’s behind a building or a bend. 


Powered by Nissan’s Omni-Sensing technology I2V will gather data to build a 360-degree map of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. It can provide information about road status, visibility, oncoming traffic, signage or nearby pedestrians. 


I2V will be showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. 


Tetsure Ueda, an expert leader at the Nissan Research Centre, said, “By helping you see the invisible, I2V enhances your confidence and makes driving more enjoyable.


“The interactive features create an experience that’s tailored to your interests and driving style so that anyone can enjoy using it in their own way.”



I2V can also connect drivers and passengers to people in the Metaverse virtual world, which means it is possible for family, friends or others to appear inside the vehicle as 3D augmented-reality avatars to provide company or assistance.


Drivers could also be able to book a professional driver from the Metaverse to get personal instruction in real time. The professional driver appears as a projected avatar or as a virtual chase car in the driver’s field of vision to demonstrate the best way to drive.

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