ADI jailed in sexual assault case

Monday, September 24, 2018



A driving instructor in Scotland has been jailed for sexual assaulting 14 female pupils.


Neil Addison, 55, carried out the attacks on young women between June 2014 and August 2017.


Several of his victims described how Addison, from Cupar, had initially been friendly but started groping them a few weeks into their tuition.


Last month at Dundee Sheriff Court he was found guilty of 14 charges. Addison had denied touching "of a sexual nature" and claimed to police he was only giving a "reassuring pat".


One girl told earlier told the court that Addison had repeatedly brushed his hands over her breast after telling her she had hair on her. And two pupils told how over a series of lessons Addison had started out touching them on the knee - before gripping the tops of their thighs after becoming more "comfortable".


Another victim said she had refused to get back in a car with him after the first time he touched her.


Others said they only persisted with their lessons with him because they had already booked their driving tests and paid for blocks of lessons.


In her closing speech to the jury, fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson said: "He feels it is appropriate to shove his hand down the top of a 17-year-old girl in the middle of a driving lesson because he is attracted to her."


Sheriff Tom Hughes jailed Addison for four years and placed him on the sex offender register indefinitely. He said: "They looked to you to guide them and paid you good money to do so. You took advantage of each and every one."


"The evidence suggests you were grooming them - on the girl's lessons you were friendly and pleasant and as time passed you took more and more advantage of them."


The judge added: "It is noteworthy that over time that your assaults escalated and became more and more serious. When you saw the last complainer crying you said not to say anything about it as it would affect your career."


"You show no remorse and don't accept the harm you caused."


DIA CEO, Carly Brookfield, commented "It is extremely worrying that these pupils came to such harm from an individual placed in such a position of trust - not just by the pupil and their family, but also by the regulator issuing him a licence to practice. Inevitably such high profile cases also cause harm to the profession as a whole. Whilst some may point to this being an isolated incident, sadly there has been an increase in complaints (and serious investigations of such complaints) for safeguarding breaches of this nature. Safeguarding knowledge and training is a serious gap in the ADI training process and should be a core concern for the industry."

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