Eldest siblings are the worst drivers, study finds

Thursday, August 23, 2018



Eldest siblings are the worst drivers, a new study has found.


Privilege Car Insurance looked at the driving of 1,395 people and discovered that older brothers and sisters are most likely to pick up bad driving habits.


The results concluded that 89% of those who are older brothers and sisters are more likely to speed, with 35% receiving fines for their fast driving.


Not only that 47% of older siblings annoy other drivers by cutting them off and 46% love to hog the middle lane.


Almost a third use their phones while they’re behind the wheel, and 17% use driving as an opportunity to apply make-up.


Understandably this results in more accidents – almost a quarter of older siblings were in a minor one, while 15% were involved in something more serious.


All in all, this means your younger brother or sister may very well be better behind the wheel than you are.


However, this is not the ball-all and end-all because, according to science, the eldest child is the favourite.


A study from the human development and family studies department at the University of California last year found out of the 768 parents surveyed, 75 per cent of mothers felt closer to their first born.

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