Birmingham congestion charge to be introduced to tackle air pollution

Friday, June 22, 2018


Measures to tackle pollution in central Birmingham are being proposed – and they could hit visiting drivers in the pocket.


Motorists face a charge of up to £10 per day to travel down the A42 and into Birmingham City Centre from 2020 under plans unveiled by the city’s transport bosses.


The levy could be up to £100 per day for HGVs and similar weight vehicles. 


The Clean Air Zone proposals are set to be consulted on over the summer, reports Birmingham Live, but are likely to only affect cars which do not meet the Euro 4 petrol standard – mostly vehicles made since 2006 – and those not up to Euro 6 diesel standards, mostly manufactured since 2015.


These will face a daily charge of between £6 to £10 to travel within the A4540, the city’s ‘Middle Ring Road’.


Cars travelling on the A4540 will not be charged, only those within the zone.


When a charge was first mooted, it was thought it would only hit the most polluting vehicles like older buses, taxis, coaches and lorries.


But the council is now including private cars in its plans, and has not ruled out the inclusion of motorbikes as well.


Around 45% of traffic will face charges.


The charge is likely to apply seven days a week, and at all times, although this could yet be subject to change.


A network of automatic number plate recognition cameras will be set up along the ring road to enforce the zone.


Council Labour cabinet member for transport Waseem Zaffer said that the Clean Air Zone is about reducing pollution to safe levels – not reducing traffic.


“We want to give the people of Birmingham the fundamental right of breathing good quality clean air,” he said.


“Nine hundred deaths are accelerated each year as a result of air pollution. That’s not the city I want my child, or any children across the city, growing up in.”

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