How MOT changes will affect the driving test

Friday, May 25, 2018





From Monday 4 June 2018 you won't be able to use vehicles (except motorcycles) for practical driving tests if they:





  • are displaying an engine malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), or a MIL that doesn’t work, or

  • have inoperative reversing lights (if the vehicle was first used after 1 September 2009)


This is in line with the changes to the MOT test introduced on 20 May 2018 when any inoperative MIL or MIL that shows there is a malfunction is now classed as a major defect.


If the MIL illuminates part-way through a test and the vehicle appears to be performing normally with no obvious signs of malfunction, then the test should continue. The driving instructor or accompanying driver should then be informed upon return to the test centre.


Inoperative reversing lights have also been added to the reasons for a MOT failure for vehicles first used after 1 September 2009.

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