DVSA survey: Improving motorcycle and vocational trainer booking and test slot availability

Friday, December 22, 2017


Last year, DVSA ran two workshops in Nottingham and Cardington to see what changes could be made to improve the motorcycle and vocational trainer booking service. DVSA wanted to increase the availability of tests, by reducing the number of tests that are booked and then handed back at short notice.


Reducing waiting times for bike and vocational tests


DVSA specified that they wanted to reduce waiting times before starting work on ideas from the workshops, which they have managed to do so in many regions successfully. This year, DVSA have recruited and trained more than 40 examiners for both motorcycle and vocational tests, bringing motorcycle mod 1 and 2 waiting times down from a national average of 6-7 weeks to around 4-5 weeks and vocational test waiting times down to 1.5 weeks from 5 weeks. They have assured that while there are still some areas around the country where test availability requires improvement, they will continue to recruit and train more staff where they are needed.


What’s next?


Now that waiting times have improved, they are looking into introducing some of the changes developed as a result of consultations and workshops. The main issue has been identified as the high percentage of tests that are handed back at short notice – currently, 25% are handed back when it's too late for DVSA to reschedule and offer the test slot to someone else.


Give your views - a short survey


To help reduce this number, DVSA want to look further into your ideas on how they can change test slot booking, specifically those of motorcycle and vocational training schools who use the system. Below is a link to a short survey, which will ask for your opinions on:

  • what time it would suit you best to open booking slots

  • if the booking window should be changed

  • if the cancellation period of rider and vocational tests should be changed to 10 days

  • how you'd like to receive communications from DVSA

Click to take the survey on your views on test slot booking.


Closing date to complete survey is Friday 19th January 2018.




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