40% of UK motorists concerned about Brexit’s impact on car prices

Friday, December 15, 2017


A new survey by Servicing Stop has found that almost 40% of UK motorists have expressed concerns over Brexit and the effect it may have on the cost of production.


Over a third more said that they were most concerned about the upcoming ban of petrol and diesel vehicles and 19% said they were worried about the move to electric cars.


While these are all major concerns felt by motorists across the UK - other drivers said they feared the move to autonomous cars.


Some of the fears surround rapidly deteriorating driver standards (this answer appeared frequently), lack of parking, price of fuel, congestion, pollution and cyclists on the roads.


These concerns have been apparently heightened by an increase in cycle lanes across the capital, a hike in fuel prices and a parking epidemic.


While the costs associated with Brexit are playing on the majority of motorists’ minds - more than one in five think the ban of petrol and diesel vehicles; due to take place in 2040, will happen first.


Servicing Stop’s chief executive and founder Oly Richmond (pictured) said: “There are a lot of changes set to take place in the automotive industry over the next 20 years or so, it’s an incredibly uncertain market to be part of - while we’re driving into the unknown, it’s a time to be embraced by technology enthusiasts and petrol-heads alike.


“It’s clear that motorists everywhere are apprehensive, Brexit will bring bigger bills, the demonisation of diesel cars is likely to push down their value and electric cars are hardly cheap but the most surprising thing is the public’s dismay at Brexit negotiations with more than one in five thinking it will take place after the 2040 ban! That is a crazy thought.”

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