Virtual speed bumps used to reduce traffic speeds

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Virtual speed bumps are being used to discourage drivers from speeding on London roads. 


The initiative by Transport for London uses tricks of perspective to create the illusion of speed bumps, even though the surface of the road is flat.


Nine months after the trial in Newham, average speeds reduced by 3mph. And there are now 45 of the illusory bumps across the capital, in the hope of creating a road network in London that’s free from death or serious injury.


The aim is to bring traffic down to speeds of below 20 mph, according to TfL.


Nigel Hardy, TfL’s Head of Sponsorship, Road Space Management, said: “This Vision Zero approach to reducing road danger includes testing the effectiveness of 20mph limits on parts of Transport for London’s road network.


“As part of these trials a number of different measures – including new signs, road markings and painted speed bumps – are being introduced to reduce traffic speeds.


“We will continue to try new speed reducing ideas to save lives and prevent injury on our roads.”


This is not the only commitment the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has made when it comes to the city’s roads. To tackle air quality, there is the Ultra Low Emission Zone – estimated to result in nearly a 50% reduction in road transport NOx emissions in 2020.


The news comes after the UK’s environment secretary Michael Gove urged local councils to consider removing speed bumps, to help cut pollution. 


Speed bumps have been a talking point for some time now, with some arguing they should be scrapped because they double the amount of harmful gases emitted from cars as vehicles speed up and slow repeatedly.


But road safety representatives stress their importance in keeping people safe and insist they have saved lives for decades.

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