Drivers spend an average of 44 hours a year looking for a parking space

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A recent study has found that UK motorists spend on average 44 hours a year looking for a parking spot.


The discovery has been made by the traffic data company Inrix, which also found that drivers ultimately waste £733 annually searching for a parking spot when considering time spent, fuel costs, parking fines and overpayments.


The traffic information supplier also estimated that businesses and high streets also miss out from the parking inconvenience, the study suggesting that two-fifths of drivers avoid driving to the shops because of the struggle to find a parking space.


This is a point expressed by Edmund King, the president of the AA. He told the Daily Mail: “A lack of provision will kill off the high street shoppers vote with their wheels and go out of town retail outlets where parking tends to be easier and free.”


For those in London, the average time lost rose to 67 hours, with costs skyrocketing to £1,104. 


Of 7,035 drivers quizzed, as many as 71 per cent felt there was not enough parking available across the country, with two-fifths avoiding trips to locals shop simply of parking problems.


In total, Inrix says more than £30 billion is contributed to the UK by tickets plus overpaying for time parked.


The chief economist at Inrix, Professor Graham Cookson, commented: “To lessen the significant burden parking pain has on our economy and lives, smart parking solutions are available for drivers, parking operators and cities to help reduce search times, congestion and pollution as well as negate overpaying and fines altogether.


“Still, more needs to be done to drive adoption. Parking pain will only get worse until technology is fully embraced.”

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