Queen's speech addresses electric cars and 'bogus' whiplash claims

Monday, June 26, 2017


Fraudulent whiplash claims and compulsory electric vehicle charging points have been a focus in the Queen’s Speech.


The government set out its legislative agenda in the Queen’s Speech, and plans to introduce a Bill on automated and electric vehicles. As well as boosting the electric car charging network, it wants to encourage the invention, design and use of driverless cars. The objective is for the UK to become a “world leader in new industries”.


The greatest hurdle to more drivers switching to an electric car is often said to be the small number of public fast-charging stations. Now major petrol stations and motorway services will be required to install charging points for electric vehicles (EV).


However, this may not be as simple as giving charging point manufacturers cart blanche to install their unites across the UK, as premises are privately – rather than state – owned.


The government said it was committed to spending £600m during this parliament to support the ultra-low emissions market. 


One in five electric cars sold in the EU last year was made in the UK and more British drivers own an electric vehicle than drivers from any other EU nation.


There are also plans to crackdown on bogus whiplash claims that hike car insurance premiums. 


Jack Straw, former Blackburn MP, welcomes the good news for drivers. He said: “I welcome this measure on whiplash claims which results from a campaign I started in 2011 because of the effect these frauds had on motor insurance premiums on drivers.


“It has taken a long time for action but it is good news.”


The proposed whiplash claim-tackling measure would put a ban on settling claims which have no medical evidence to back them up.


Last year the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said that putting a cap on whiplash claims could cut car insurance costs by £40 a year for each driver. In Wednesday’s Queen Speech, a £35 annual saving was mentioned.

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