Drivers face fines as sat navs get speed limits wrong

Monday, April 24, 2017


A number of incidents have been caused because drivers have been over reliant on sat navs. There is more than just an inconvenience for many motorists who put their trust in technology.


Within modern satellite navigation units, the speed limits will be displayed on the road that the car is travelling on. This is done by using a database of all Britain’s roads or through reading road signs at the side of a carriageway, or a combination.


But these systems are flawed and have room for improvement.


uSwitch, an online comparison service, carried out research that suggests 17% of drivers have received an incorrect reading from their tech, which includes them being incorrectly informed of the speed limit by their sat nav.


Updating the sat navs regularly is imperative for the car owners, as it ensures they are up-to-date. Sat navs can also misinterpret the actual road the motorist is travelling on, especially if two roads are running parallel to each other, and systems which 'read'‘ signs are easily misled.


Telegraph Cars carried out some research over the weekend in a brand new, 17-plate Volkswagen. On a varied route of over 100 miles of motorway, gave several incorrect readings. On a 10-mile drive through London, the speed limit mistakenly identified a 20mph zone as 30mph limit.


With the recently increased speeding fines drivers that rely on these unreliable systems are at risk of even greater financial penalties.


Motorists are advised to ignore the speed limit suggested by their car and to drive according to physical road signs.

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