DVSA to change the Part 3 assessment

Thursday, March 16, 2017


DVSA have recently announced the intention to replace the current Part 3 assessment in early Autumn 2017, aligning the new assessment with the Standards Check as the final stage of the ADI qualification process.


As stated on Gov.uk, the “DVSA now intends to align the ADI qualification process with the standards check”. This means that the pre-set test format and role-play element from the part 3 test of instructional ability will be removed.


In its place, the instructor will need to bring another person (who can take the role of the learner) and deliver a driving lesson while the DVSA examiner observes their skills.


The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) has compiled an extensive FAQ to answer key questions to regarding the Part 3 change, which can be found here.


The FAQs state DVSA commented that the ADI part 3 test is both “unrealistic” and “restrictive” and that it does not give trainee instructors enough opportunity to demonstrate the full range of skills needed when qualified.


The DVSA believe the change will result in ADIs being better prepared to deliver effective training from day one of qualifying and won’t need to learn different teaching methods ahead of their standards check.


Last year, DVSA conducted two industry surveys to identify awareness and impact of the proposed change. Independently, both the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) and individual national associations ran surveys of their membership and fed this information into the formal consultation.


NASP have released a statement which can be found on their website.


Improvements to the ADI qualification process have been on-going since 2013 and due to the majority of respondents wanting the ADI part 3 to be replaced by a standards check the possibilities of this began.


Within the FAQs produced by the DIA is an official statement from the DVSA regarding the issue and information as to why the news was released by third parties, and not directly from DVSA or industry associations.


DIA CEO Carly Brookfield commented 'Whilst the communication of the expected date of implementation of the change was not executed in the best manner (and we have fed back on that to DVSA, and cover that issue in the FAQs) I would be keen to impress on the industry that these changes require an amendment to regulation, and that has to be approved before the change can be introduced. 


“Whilst the target date may have been announced, we will still continue to have a dialogue with DVSA to address any concerns trainers have expressed at the changes and to understand how we can ensure a change is implemented in a way that improves the qualification process, rather than detracts from it. 


“The majority of registered training bodies and representative associations have been discussing these changes with DVSA for a while, and whilst there was widespread support of the principle that there was a need to bring the assessment in line with the Standards Check, the devil is always in the detail and it is that detail of how the change is implemented we will work with DVSA to develop now.' 

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