Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’ Wants To Increase EV Sales In Europe

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Honda vows two-thirds of its cars will use electric, hybrid or fuel-cell power by 2025; twin-motor hybrid due in 2018.


Called “Electric Vision,” the plan was announced at the Geneva Motor Show by Honda Motor Europe President and COO, Katsushi Inoue. Last year, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that fuel cell and all-electric vehicles will make up 15% of Honda’s global sales by 2030.


Inoue-san said: “We will leverage Honda’s global R&D resources to accelerate the introduction of a full portfolio of advanced, electrified powertrains for the European customer.”


Honda’s focus on electrification in Europe will initially be driven by a roll-out of hybrid technology across its automobile range. The first new hybrid model, which will feature Honda’s two-motor hybrid system, will go on sale in 2018.


The presence of two motors promises this new hybrid will offer serious performance, four-wheel drive, or both. Honda is familiar with the advantages hybrid power provides: its recent NSX supercar has combined petrol and electric power to achieve impressively rapid acceleration and four-wheel drive, while the company’s Insight was one of the world’s first hybrid vehicles.


The arrival of Clarity Fuel Cell in Europe as part of the Europe-wide HyFIVE (Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles) initiative reinforces Honda’s commitment to drive the adoption of fuel cell vehicles and the creation of a viable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure across the region.


Honda’s Calrity Fuel Cell model will be showcased at Geneva, following the arrival of the first cars in Europe at the end of last year. The Calirty Fuel Cell delivers a maximum range of 434 miles.


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