Ed Sheeran puts up 'drive safely' signs in Suffolk after 'driving at 90' controversy

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Ed Sheeran has been putting up drive safely signs around Suffolk, after his latest song prompted a safety warning from a roads policing sergeant.


Castle On A Hill is the song in question which consists of the line: ‘Driving at 90 down those country lanes.’


This has caused him to spin the lyrics into a marketing strategy of his new album by posting warnings to people to drive safe as he thought it could be quite ‘funny.’


Speaking to BBC Suffolk, he said: “We have a marketing spend for this album and I wanted to do some sort of billboards in Suffolk.


“We thought it would be quite funny instead of having billboards saying the album is out, just having a blue sign that says ‘drive safe’.”


Whilst speaking to Richard Haugh on Mark Murphy’s Breakfast Show, the Framlingham singer/songwriter said that he would not change the lyric despite criticism it has attracted from police.


He said: “I am not encouraging speeding at all, I am just singing it in a song”, he told the BBC.


“Nobody goes on at Jimi Hendrix for saying 90 miles-per-hour is the speed I drive [in Crosstown Traffic] and he actually says miles-per-hour is the speed I drive.”


Castle on the Hill, described as a “love song for Suffolk”, was released in January and has remained towards the top of the charts since – being kept off the top spot by his other release, Shape of You.


Sgt Chris Harris, from Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing, posted a plea on Twitter for people to “slow down on Suffolk roads” in response to the song.


Sheeran said: “I don’t think it specifically says miles per hour. It could be kilometres per hour.”

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