Distracted drivers found shaving and eating cereal behind the wheel

Monday, January 23, 2017


Van and lorry drivers have been caught eating breakfast and shaving at the wheel in an undercover operation by police, it has been reported.


213 people were stopped for various offenses due to the crackdown on distracted drivers. 12 were caught for reading books and eating behind the wheel.


Unmarked cars, motorbikes and a tractor were used to spot drivers on the M3, M4, M40 and A34, where last year a mother and three children were killed by lorry driver Tomasz Kroker while he was on his mobile phone.


Among the shocking examples of distracted driving the police uncovered was a driver shaving at the wheel and one even eating breakfast cereal.


Of those stopped, 151 drivers were stopped for being distracted while behind the wheel.


Out of these, 137 were caught using their mobile phones and others were stopped for reading books and eating.


On the M27, one van driver was stopped for eating his breakfast cereal while driving, and a HGV driver was caught shaving on the M4. 


Sergeant Paul Diamond said: “It is disappointing to see so many people still using mobile phones while they are driving.


“If a driver’s attention is on their mobile phone, it is not on the road and this can be potentially fatal.


“Sadly, we have seen many examples over the last 12 months of lives lost unnecessarily because a driver has not had their full attention on the road.”


A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary noted that many of the mobile phone users were holding their devices below the steering wheel and staring at the screen, rather than the road ahead.


Pete Williams, RAC road safety spokesman, said: “Being distracted at the wheel can have tragic consequences. All it takes is a moment’s loss of concentration from reaching for a mobile phone, fiddling with a sat-nav or adjusting an in-vehicle device to lose control and find yourself involved in a life-changing accident.


“We also suspect that Government statistics dramatically underplay the effect of distractions as they report that just 5% of road deaths in Britain in 2015 were attributable to them, which sadly still amounted to 85 lives being lost.”

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