Why December is a great time of year for a conference

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Our annual Driver and Rider training conference is fast approaching. You’ve probably seen a lot of updates on our news feeds including who will be attending the conference and why it is the event of the year to be a part of (and we’re not just saying that, promise). 


At the DIA, we are incredibly excited to be able to host you all at our conference. We’re getting the pre party nerves, making sure that all the fine details are perfected and we are fully prepared. Why are we nervous? Because we want to make sure that when you return home, you feel enriched, enlightened and confident with all you have learnt and can go back to your daily life ensuring that you;


1) Book onto our Applied Coach Approach course.  

2) Feel like you’re not alone. 

3) That you understand the role of the ADI/road safety personnel is going to get really exciting in 2017. 


Part of perfecting our conference is ensuring the timing is right and there are plenty of reasons why December is the perfect time of the year. 


As the temperatures drop and the night’s draw in, the UK’s road safety advocates are either at home with their family or their still out in their car, making sure the UK roads are safer than ever. A lot of the time ADI’s are extremely undervalued and there is no one to appreciate the hard work or to say a simple “thank you.” 


No Christmas party to attend. No time to let your hair down and relax. No chance to cast your thoughts back to all the good things that have happened that year. No chance to look towards the future and how you might prepare for the changes coming in 2017… and we suspect there will be a few. 


This year’s national conference will give you all of that and more. We will be bringing in the festive feeling, sitting down at a table with you and enjoying our Big Fat Quiz. We will be laughing, joking and looking back on 2016’s best moments. December gives us the chance to provide a cosier feel and to enjoy the warmth that Yarnfield Park has to offer. 


Not only that, but the conference gives us the chance to organise and prepare for whatever 2017 has to offer, that you are ready with a plan to tackle it and come out on top. 


The Christmas excitement surrounding December creates a feeling and atmosphere that you cant experience at any other time of the year. The end of another exciting calendar year offers the chance to wipe the slate clean and move forwards. 

It looks like it’s going to be a big year in 2017. At our HQ in Crawley we have been getting ready, putting all of our resources in place to help you overcome any challenges you may face in 2017. 


Let’s reflect, prepare and challenge ourselves to do the best we can over a festive dinner, great converation and a celebration for all.


From all of us at the DIA, we look forwards to seeing you there. 

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