Friday's accident-prone

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This Friday (29.01.2016) is predicted to be the busiest day of the year for accidents statistically. 

According to research from Accident Exchange, Friday is expected to be the worst day of the year for accidents with over eight-time the amount of incidences on this date compared with the least accident-prone 25 December. 

In 2015, 29 January recorded 74% more accidents than average, which suggests that there will be approximately 10,500 accidents on the 29th, compared to 6,000 on a typical day in the year.

The data also reflects a trend of vehicle accidents clustered towards the latter part of the week. Annually, there are approximately 19% more accidents on a Friday than on the average weekday. 

The associated rush to head home for the weekend, along with January’s dark evenings coincides with a 5-6pm peak in accidents with numbers up 53% on any given hour during the day.

Adding to the woes linked to the typical dark Friday night in January, adverse weather conditions are likely to claim some responsibility not just for the three-quarter rise in prangs on the 29th but an 11% increase in incidents overall for December-February, when compared to the equivalent June-August summertime figure.

According to the statistics from the accident management firm, men were also twice as likely to have been at the wheel in an incident, with two thirds of accidents attributed to male drivers.

Liz Fisher, sales director at Accident Exchange commented: “The study sheds an interesting light on the seasonal effects on motorists across the UK.

“The combination of poor weather conditions, congestion and likely fatigue at the end of the week means it may come as no surprise that we are approaching peak time in the calendar for accidents.”



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