The kill rate for Women driving on UK’s rural roads is higher than those driving in Europe.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Women in the UK are 'more likely to be killed in an accident on a rural road than those living in Europe' according to a road safety report from MPs.


Women have a higher risk of being killed on the UK’s country lanes in comparison to road ‘almost anywhere else in the EU’.


On the other hand, men have a higher chance of dying in road accidents in towns and cities; this is according to the report commissioned by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.


According to the experts this is because women are more reliant on their cars than men when living in rural areas, where public transport in more limited. This means cars are needed to help with shopping and commuting to work.


Within the study it also mentions that Britain’s roads are ‘among the safest in the world’, however, for ‘vulnerable’ road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and ever motorists, this is not the case. In this case Britain has a fairly poor record.


With the statistics from the report in mind, the Government must do more because this suggests that all improvements over the last ten years ‘have not been evenly spread ‘.


Overall, the report emphasises that a review on why an unbalanced number of women are dying on the UK’s country lanes.  Furthermore, the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) warned rural roads hold just 53% of traffic and they account for 66% of road deaths. All in all, this makes country lanes 25% riskier than the average road.


To conclude, TRL added ‘The UK has a high proportion of rural road deaths at junctions than any other country but for the Netherlands.’




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