The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland urge drivers to watch their speed and help save lives

Monday, September 12, 2016


The life altering consequences of driving too fast on country roads is highlighted in a new campaign from The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland), to urge drivers to watch their speed and help save lives.


Country roads account for more than half of all fatal accidents on Scotland’s roads (52%). Last year alone, 649 people were killed or seriously injured whilst driving on country roads and more than two thirds of those were men.


The campaign targets young male drivers aged 22-40, who have a higher risk of being involved in a crash.  An emotional TV advert follows a fictional character losing control of his car – and losing his life - on a country road with the strapline: “Don’t miss what’s round the corner. Watch your speed on country roads.”


Interview footage with members of the emergency services will also feature in the campaign, as they talk about how the tragedies on Scotland’s country roads affect their lives too.  The footage will encourage people to re-think their driving behaviour and emphasise the massive impact every life lost has on so many people.


Minister for Transport and Islands Humza Yousaf said: “We are committed to achieving safer road travel in Scotland and whilst we have seen a 16% decline in fatalities on country roads in the last year, every life lost is one too many.


“The campaign shows the true consequences of driving at an inappropriate speed on country roads. You just don’t know what is round the corner, and motorists need to realise they aren’t invincible and that it could happen to them.  We want every driver in Scotland, particularly young men, to take note and to encourage them to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions.”

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