Lorry drivers want healthier foods at roadside cafes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Lorry drivers are getting tired of roadside cafes' fried offerings, claims a new survey.


The survey that looked into their biggest roadside complaint revealed that truckers could be growing increasingly health conscious.


According to the results of the poll carried out by RAC Truck Rescue, 41% of businesses say they HGV drivers struggle with the lack of healthy snacks available on the road network. 


By contrast, 21% (just over a fifth) of company car drivers cited a shortage of healthy food at service stations as among their biggest gripes.


Chris Rumply of the Road Haulage Association, told The Guardian: "There's probably not enough choice at the moment. The majority of the big three - Moto, RoadChef and Welcome Break - tend to have franchise deals so you've got your McDonald's, Burger King, fast-food outlets. Some drivers like that but the choice is not as great as it could be."


The lack of healthy-eating options is one of the biggest frustrations facing lorry drivers, who have become more health conscious than what drivers can be known for.


The Guardian visited roadside burger fan Carlsburger, situated on the A11, to find out about the likes and dislikes of their customers.


When speaking to a motorist, the driver said: "There's a lack of decent meals. You've just got to look at HGV drivers, half of them are overweight," said Darren who pulled over for a bacon-and-double-egg roll.


"You get fed up of it. Chips with everything. That's not what you want every day, seven days a week.


You want a change - home-cooked food. A shepherd's pie, something with vegetables for a change instead of chips. But these guys aren't going to stand here doing a roast dinner."


The urban results have been seen as a positive outcome, after food giant Morrisons discovered that some 28% of commercial drivers are obese or morbidly obese.


Matt Dallaway, RAC spokesman, said: "Of course we recognise that service station facilities are always improving and more and more food outlets are opening up for drivers, but there is clearly still more that can be done.


"The haulage sector industry has struggled with concerns over the health of its workforce, so it's really encouraging to see this shift in attitude but the facilities need to be there to cater for those looking for a healthy option."

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