Motorists delayed an average 8.9 seconds per mile on motorways

Monday, July 18, 2016


A new report has discovered the scale of hold ups on motorways and A roads in the UK, as Highways England misses a number of targets, says Auto Express.


For every 100 miles, drivers were held up for almost 15 minutes on England's motorways and A roads. This equates to a delay of 8.9 seconds per mile.


Over the last year, 89.7 billion miles were driven on the Strategic Road Network, according to the report by the Office for Road and Rail. This number rises to five billion over the past four years.


Despite accounting for only two per cent of roads, the Strategic road Network carried a third of our traffic. Average speeds also slowed, with cars and trucks travelling at 59.3mph compared to 61.3mph four years ago.


These statistics were released as part of Highways England's annual report.


A new target to reduce delay time has been introduced but the report admitted this would depend on traffic growth and would be difficult to achieve and maintain.


The report stated that Highways England has made a "good start" concerning its management of a £15 billion investment in the network by 2020-21.


Highways England beat its targets for maintaining road surface quality among others.


Road casualties dropped too, by 4.9 per cent from 2014 to 2015 leading the total KSI number (killed or seriously injured) to drop to 3.6 per cent. However, the report stated that its focus was still required if Highways England were to meet their target of a 40 per cent KSI drop by 2020.


On the other hand, an important target Highways England failed to meet was the user satisfaction rate with only 89.3 per cent of users claiming they were "fairly or very satisfied" with the network, falling 0/7 per cent short of the desired 90 per cent target.

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