Free parking for EV drivers: 15,000 new spaces in Milton Keynes

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Good news for electric vehicle drivers in the Milton Keynes as they can now park for free in 15,000 commuter and charging spaces.


After it was announced last week that EV owners are to pay a fee of £5 for a 20 minute charge, thanks to a £40m worth of government funding, EV drivers will soon be able to enjoy perks such as free parking, extra charging hubs and access to carpool lanes.


The scheme was launched by Transport Minister Andrew Jones to increase the uptake of electric vehicles. Known as Go Ultra City, places such as Bristol, London, Nottingham and Milton Keynes are the areas that will be focused on.


Milton Keynes has promised residents of the area free parking. Dubbed the 'green parking permit', it will enable owners of eligible cars to leave their vehicle in any one of the city's 15,000 spaces. This includes drop off bays at railway stations and short stay shopping bays.


The £9m awarded to Milton Keynes from the Go Ultra City status will also help to create an 'electric vehicle experience centre' in the city and open up bus lanes to electric car drivers.


Andrew Jones said: "It is great to see the first part of Milton Keynes' Go Ultra Low City plan become a reality. Thanks to the £9m of funding we have provided, thousands of local residents will now be able to park their electric cars for free.


"We are investing £600m in cleaner vehicles by 2020 to improve air quality, create jobs and achieve our goal of every car and van in the UK being zero emission by 2050."


Vehicles must produce under 75g/km of CO2 and be capable of ten miles of zero-emission driving.


London on the other hand, was awarded £13m to create their 'Neighbourhoods of the Future' scheme, offering parking and traffic priority to EV drivers.


Bristol's carpool lanes will now become the domain of the alternative fuel vehicle, while plug-in car leasing schemes will help raise EV motorists on the road in the West.


New charging points have also been sanctioned in Dundee, Nottinghamshire, Derby Oxford and the North East.

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