The benefits of trading four wheels to two as we celebrate Ride to Work week

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


It’s Ride to Work Week this week as the event highlights the benefits of commuting via motorcycle and scooter.


When faced with the question ‘why should I ride?’ there are several advantages of trading four wheels for two. Road tax is considerably cheaper starting at only £16 a year and it is often found that parking is genuinely free.


Motorbikes and scooters are exempt from paying the London congestion charge and cost of fuel is considerately cheaper.


According to a study looking into the commuting habits of the nation, the average commuter in Britain will spend almost two and a half months, or 1,708 hours, in traffic or delayed on public transport. They will also spend nearly £50,000 on their travel to work throughout their lifetime. The study which was commissioned by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) points out that by riding a motorbike or scooter you will not have to endure these agonising hours that leave you stationery.


Northamptonshire County Council are the first in the UK to pursue a modal shift towards motorcycles. Below is a video of a challenge they conducted to see who would make it to work on time, a car driver, a motorcyclist or someone taking the bus.





John Spencer, Team Leader of Road Safety and Travel Choices, Northamptonshire Highways, said: “As part of our modal shift strategy Northamptonshire County Council intends to embrace motorcycles and scooters as a sustainable transport mode within the future countywide transport programme. Greater use of motorcycles can bring environmental, congestion and accessibility benefits, particularly on journeys made for commuting to places of employment or education.”


Motorcycle Northants was recently launched by Northamptonshire County Council, making it the first local authority in the UK to actively encourage a modal shift towards motorcycles, which is currently only 0.4% of all commuter traffic in the country.


Motorcycle Northants aim to encourage the country’s leisure riders to use their bikes to commute, most notably where distance by pedal bike is impractical, aiming for an initial modal shift of 3%.


The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership will also be supporting Ride to Work Week by touring the country on 50cc scooters.

Joanne Wehrle, Safer Roads education manager,said: “We are firmly behind the campaign to promote scooters and motorbikes as a viable mode of transports on today’s congested road network. The Safer Road Partnership run a series of free or discounted training initiatives to improve a rider’s skill to cope with the hectic commute to and from work, college, University or training centre.”

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