Survey Uncovers Surprising UK Driving Habits

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


A survey carried out by First Vehicle Leasing, a car leasing and finance broker, unveils the secrets behind the driving habits we Brits have adopted.


The survey uncovered a bundle of interesting stats and facts, which include insights in road rage, driving after consuming alcohol, as well as the frequency we upgrade our car and people's general driving style.


Some of the key figures the survey showed was that 43% of men in the UK have been caught by a speed camera and men are 33% more likely to have been in a car crash than women.


The survey wasn't limited to gender specific questions, as it showed that around a third (36%) of 18-24-year-olds who participated, had said that they have been involved in a crash.


The results showed that road rage incidents are 15% more likely to escalate to physical aggression or assault in the North more than anywhere else in the UK.


The data was collected in April 2016 from over 1,000 UK drivers.

The survey was designed and conducted by First Vehicle Leasing in order to find out more about the way people drive in the UK.


When answering questions about their car the figures revealed that 71% of drivers replace or upgrade their car within five years and 56% of cars are nearly always occupied by only one person.


Graham McCarthy, Operations Manager at First Vehicle Leasing, said: "This survey provides a unique insight into how people drive in the UK which I'm sure will be of interest to policy makers, insurers and all road users."


He continues to say: "I'm certain that this fascinating survey will stimulate much debate about how people really drive in the UK."


Click here to see the full results of the survey. 

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