DVLA reveal digital licence prototype

Monday, May 16, 2016


Having a driving license take a permanent home in your wallet could be a thing of the past soon, as it has been revealed that the DVLA are working on a digital licence for smartphones.


Oliver Morley, the chief executive at DVLA, took to Twitter to share an image of what the digital licence could look like.


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The "prototype" shown above would be stored in the iPhone's wallet, an app that is already used to store your boarding pass, cinema ticket, credit card and coupons.


Morley has stated that it'll be an "add-on" rather than a replacement to the plastic card.


The users fingerprint and passcode is required in order to make payments through the wallet as the payment information is encrypted end-to-end, so in order to access your driving licence, expect it to be done in a similar fashion.


Ben Wood, CCS Insight analyst, said: "Security has taken a significant step forward to support digital payments on phones, so the framework is in place for other secure applications, such as digital driving licence."


De La Rue, which prints many of the world's passports, has stated that it is investigating the possibility of paperless passports, whilst the US state of Iowa and New South Wales in Australia have already begun to trail digital driving licences.


Morpho Trust, the US security company that is piloting the digital licence trial in Iowa, mentions that by going digital it allows users to change their details, such as their address, and signify whether they are an organ donor or not without having to visit the states motor vehicle agency.


The company also says that it makes it easier for residents to have their licence updated when they reach the drinking age of 21.


The move to digital could mean new driving licences to be delivered instantly, rather having to wait for delivery, and a decrease on identity fraud as it would make it harder for people to have their documents stolen.


However, it could raise people's fear on security, not to mention what happens if their phone runs out of battery.


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