Zero tolerance on abuse towards DVSA staff

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DVSA has stated that there has been an increasing number of incidents of physical and verbal abuse against Examiners, worryingly perpetrated by ADIs and not just disappointed candidates. 


The regulator takes a zero tolerance stance on any form of abuse towards its staff and will take whatever steps necessary to protect its personnel and deal with any perpetrators, including escalating serious incidents to the police and removing ADIs from the register who have been proven to carry out such abuse.


DVSA shared their concerns over the rise in incidents with the National Associations Strategic Partnership at their recent joint meeting in April and asked NASP members to remind members of the gravity of such actions and the possible consequences.


The four main national associations which form NASP are in full agreement that there should be a zero tolerance response to any form of abuse against DVSA personnel, pupils, fellow ADIs or the wider public. Visit the NASP website for more information. 


Members of ADI associations can seek advice and support from their respective membership body if they have a grievance with any third party they encounter in their professional capacity which helps ensure the proper channels are pursued in reporting and resolving any such grievance. However if serious verbal or physical abuse is proven to have taken place it is unlikely that members would receive support in those circumstances. 

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