New study reveals Britain's shocking view on drink driving

Friday, May 6, 2016


After news came about of two people in Scotland being fined £450 and banned from driving for a year, the topic of drink driving continues to occupy the news.


Today a new survey was released that suggests a shocking one in three UK motorists have admitted to getting behind the wheel without taking into serious thought whether they are in a fit enough state to drive.


The survey was carried out by as they surveyed 1,000 road users across the UK, representing 50% males and 50% females. The company provides legal advice and representation for motorists, dealing with cases that involve people that have been charged with drink driving, as well as, conducting independent research into government guidelines on drink-driving.


Even more shocking was that they discovered that only 1 in 10 participants admitted to consciously taking their alcohol to blood ration into consideration before sitting behind the wheel to make their journey.


When speaking about the survey results Matthew Miller, managing director at, said " it's surprising to see how many people have risked getting a drink driving charge, despite the vast majority feeling so serious about it. It isn't shocking however to see the uncertainty so many have felt about whether they are legally sober enough to drive."


In the survey Drink Drive Solicitor also asked about how drink driving impacts the persons relationships. The results showed that a massive 48% of Brits would evaluate their relationship with a loved one if they were caught drink driving. 


Matthew Miller went on to say that he thinks the problem is that the law relates to alcohol blood levels rather than the number of units that a person intakes. In his opinion he believes that the legal measurements are "confusing and unclear". 


Miller states, "determining the alcohol level present in blood isn't simple and it varies between individuals depending on factors such as weight, age, sex, metabolism, as well as the type of alcohol consumed. This has resulted in cases of people being charged despite having only consumed one drink."

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