Drivers Facing a £70 Fine for Parking on Pavement

Monday, April 25, 2016

Should pavement parkers be fined for forcing pedestrians to walk in the road?


That's the question up for debate as top councillor Martin Terry has backed Government plans to fine pavement parkers £70 by making the act illegal.


The ban has been in place in London since 1974 and is strongly being considered to extend the rule across the UK in attempt to encourage people to walk and cycle.


The ban has been welcomed by safety campaigners and disability groups, however motoring organisations say that it could lead to more local councils exploiting the rule in order to gain extra funds.


To tackle this issue former councillor and road safety activist Paul Collins reckons that the money raised from fines should be invested on road improvements.


There has also been a worry that when getting rid of pavement parking, along with the already established double-yellow lines, the parking opportunities will be even more limited. 


When speaking with The Daily Mail AA president Edmund King stated that "getting rid of pavement parking is fine - but only if you then remove some of the redundant double-yellow lines in order to create space elsewhere".


The Government is working with Guide Dogs for the Blind to identify the problems pavement parking is creating, one of which is that it is forcing people with disabilities, such as blindness, to walk into the road to avoid parked cars.


A spokesman for the Department of Transport noted that they are "currently considering the rules around pavement parking" however are not limited to only making pavement parking illegal and are looking into "whether more can be done to make it easier for councils to tackle problem areas in a consistent way".



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