BMWs least likely to be let out of junctions

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Over a quarter of drivers would not let another motorist out of a junction because of the brand of car they were driving.  

A survey from leasing company OSV found that 27% of UK drivers would purposely not let out a car at a junction because of the car’s brand with nearly one-in-four targeting BMWs for treatment. 

Women were less likely to let out a BMW than men, with over 30% of females making the admission with men picking Subarus as the car they would least likely let out of a junction.

Almost one in five motorists would not let out a Land Rover, one in six would not let out a Subaru, one in eight would not let out a Mercedes and one in twelve would not let out an Audi.

“Any four by four’ was also pinpointed as a car not likely to be let out. Almost one in five drivers identified a four by four as a car type they would be unlikely to allow to join queuing traffic.

 The poll also found that it wasn’t just the brand that would impact whether motorists would let them out. Over three quarters of drivers have also admitted that they would not let drivers out that were using their mobile phones, 49.7% would not let out a driver that was eating, 33.8% would not let out a ‘pimped up’ car, 23.3% would not let out a car that was driving under the speed limit, 18.3% would not let out a bus, 13.8% would not let out a car that had a bumper sticker, 8.4% would not let out a learner driver and 5.8% would not let out a car that was dirty.

Co-Founder of OSV Debbie Kirkley said: “Waiting to be let out can be an incredibly stressful time for many motorists. On commutes to work or the school run, many motorists will rely on the generosity of a fellow driver to let them out.

“This survey has shown that if you drive a BMW, you will be waiting around a lot longer than if you drive a Ford.”


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