Failed breath tests falling

Friday, December 18, 2015

The number of failed breath tests is falling despite rising stoppages for suspected drink-driving.

Analysis of government drink driving statistics by Manchester-based law firm found there was a decrease in the number of failed breath tests and refusals to provide a sample between 2013 and 2014, from 3,727 to 3,681. 

This was despite there being an increase over the same years in the number of drivers who are required to stop for a breath test, from 123,956 in 2013 to 126,872 in 2014

Data released in 2015 showed that November was the worst month for drink drive accidents and casualties with an estimated 1,350 incidents. While December was actually the seventh worst month in 2013 with 1,170, with the summer months showing higher accident figures, June had 1,270 while July had 1,160.

Furthermore, since 2009, there has been a steady decline in the estimated number of drink driving accidents and casualties by month, from 22,840 in 2009 to 13,960 in 2013.

Saturday was the worst day of the week for failed breath tests after 5pm, with almost 20% of breath tests failed on this day of the week. However, Friday night was the worst day of the week for accidents, and Saturday was the second lowest after Sunday.

Nick Terry from the defence team at says: “It’s refreshing to see that as we move towards Christmas, a time notorious for excess drinking, drivers are more aware of the effects drinking can have on their driving ability. This means drink driving is the fundamental cause in fewer road traffic accidents than it once was.”


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