Brits prefer drink to family visit at Christmas

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Nearly a fifth of Britons would prefer to drink then see family over Christmas.

According to a survey by breakdown firm Green Flag, 18% don’t want to drive to see family because they can’t drink and drive.

The research also found that in 2005, over half of Britons (55%) said that nothing stopped them visiting their families over Christmas - now, just 33% say the same.

A quarter cited dull conversations for avoiding families while 24% said long distance was the main factor in not visiting at Christmas.

Compared with 7% in 2005, 14% worry about driving to visit family because of dangerous drivers on the road

Other reasons Brits state included bad traffic (16%) and the cost of travel (13%) – with the latter rising from an average of £35.78 to £51.66 over the past ten years.

Family psychologist Richard Woolfson, said: "It is evident in the results that a vast majority are finding an excuse not to visit their family over the Christmas break and that confirms the stresses and strains of everyday life often relegate family gatherings to second place.”

Neil Wilson, Green Flag's head of rescue and motor claims response, said; "It's no surprise that long distances top why we are reluctant to drive to see our families. Breakdowns unfortunately do happen over the Christmas period – with stress levels high on the roads and in the home.”



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