Over 90k banned from driving in last 12 months

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Over 90,000 drivers were disqualified in the last year according to government figures.

A Freedom of Information request from consumer electronics manufacturer Asus revealed that 93,952 drivers were banned from driving in the last 12 months with males between 26 to 35 accounting for almost a third (28%) of driving bans in the UK. 

The research also found that the under 25-year-old males only accounted for 19% while less than 1% of disqualified drivers were boys aged 17.

Of the 93,952 banned licenses in the last 12 months, 86% (80,647) were male compared to just 14% being (13,305) female.

“Six percent of banned licenses in the last 12 months were due specifically to dangerous or careless driving – that is 6% too much. It’s important that drivers take the time out to review the way they are driving, becoming more aware of sticking to speed limits and simply driving more carefully,” says Jon Parmar, country manager at Asus UK.


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