Less than a third pay attention behind the wheel

Monday, November 23, 2015


Less than one third of motorists focus all of their attention on the road while driving according to a survey.

Just 32% of drivers stated that driving requires all of their attention and focus while 30% said they often thought of new ideas or solutions to problems while they are behind the wheel.

 The survey from Be Wiser Insurance also found that 37% claimed they listen to the radio or sing along to music, rather than focusing solely on the act of driving.

Some drivers even admitted to being on ‘autopilot’, so much so that often they could not recall any of their journey after they reached their destination.

 Be Wiser Insurance chairman Mark Bower-Dyke commented: “Often while people are driving, their minds are wandering. But while our minds stretch their legs, we have to keep them on a tight leash and not let them wander too far. Otherwise we may find ourselves taken by surprise when faced with an obstacle on the road. It’s good to be in the zone while driving as long as motorists can also think fast and stay alert.”


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