Drivers prefer car over family

Friday, November 20, 2015


Almost four-in-10 drivers would rather not see their family than lose access to a car.

A survey from Direct Line Car Insurance found that 39 would rather go without seeing their family than without access to a car, while 26% felt they’d last longer without their mobile phone than their motor.

Almost half (47 per cent) say they would be more comfortable deprived of their social life than their vehicle, and a car-dependent nine per cent were happier without food for longer than they were without their beloved wheels.

  The survey also found that a quarter of motorists would feel anxious if they were without their vehicle, while feelings of depression (15 per cent), anger (10 per cent) and panic (10 per cent) were also anticipated

A third (33 per cent) of motorists questioned said they would incur a loss of earnings if they didn’t have access to a vehicle, averaging £77 per week; however this rises to £107 per week for drivers under 55 and £104 for those living in London. Those paying for taxis and alternative transportation would expect to spend £27 a week while other costs associated with not having a car such as getting kids to school or cancelling social plans cost an average of £31 per week.

Gus Park, director of motor at Direct Line said: “A car is an integral part of many peoples’ work and social lives, which is why being without it can be so costly. From a financial perspective, the costs can really mount up over time, but it also leaves many people feeling stranded hence the feelings of such anxiety.”   

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