Welsh least likely to go for robocars

Thursday, November 5, 2015


The Welsh are the most uncomfortable with the idea of driverless cars with more than three-quarters of them not liking the idea.

According to a survey of Great Britain, 77% of Welsh were fairly or very uncomfortable with the idea of robocars compared with a 70% average overall. 

Sixty-eight percent of English were uncomfortable with driverless technology while 66% of Scots felt the same.

In England, the Midlands and North had the most people wary of the concept at 69% each followed by the South-West and London at 68% with the eastern regions propping the table at 64%.

According to personal injury claims portal claims.co.uk which carried out the survey, robocar developers needed to consider how uncomfortable and wary people feel.

Claims.co.uk managing director John Quail commented: “There needs to be more information in the public domain, which might lead to more confidence in the mode of transport.”

 He added: “The development in driverless car technology has also revealed some legal issues. The law surrounding making a claim should you be victim in an incident involving a driverless car is unclear. One way of reducing concerns about driverless cars can be through educating road users and informing them of legal guidelines.”


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