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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Speed cameras may be creating bad road behaviour according to an analysis of driving data. 

An analysis of more than 1bn miles of driving behaviour data by LexisNexis company Wunelli found that 80% of UK speed cameras had hard braking activity, creating braking black spots. 

In addition, motorists’ hard braking activity increased on average by 689% at these locations while motorists driving in 30 mph zones were found to be speeding 12% of the time and at least 18% over the speed limit.

Wunelli also found that women 12% less likely to exceed the speed limit than men and hard brake 11% less while motorists were most likely to speed at 5:59am and least likely to speed at 5:16pm

Perhaps a reflection on congestion, motorists in Greater London only speed 8% of the time compared with those in Caithness who speed 36% of the time.

Wunelli founding director Paul Stacy said: “These findings question whether speed cameras are serving their purpose as a road safety tool or whether they are instead encouraging poor driving behaviour.”

He added: “The breadth and depth of data Wunelli can now aggregate and study means driving behaviour analysis is now possible on a range of vehicle factors, if you wanted to identify which car driver is least likely to be involved in an accident based on the driving behaviour we have recorded, they would be the owner of an estate car, gold colour, 4 wheel drive and about £10k in value. Of course, that’s not to say gold-coloured 4WD estate owners are all safe drivers.” 


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