Survey findings published on ADI performance measurement proposals

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) have today published the results of a survey on DVSA proposals to introduce enhanced performance measurements for ADIs. In a survey running from June to September, we asked members to give us their views on a number of proposals designed to target and develop under-performing ADIs, whilst at the same time seeking ways of introducing an enhanced recognition scheme for high-performing trainers. Read the full survey report here or visit the NASP website for more details. 


Headline findings of the survey reveal that the majority of respondents are not in favour of proposals which focus on using test data, amongst other performance metrics, to target under-performing trainers nor was there widespread support for a traffic light based risk rating system or the publication of pass rates and risk rating scores. Respondents did, however, seem to support some of the proposals mooted which are aimed at tackling ADIs who failed to display their badge on test.


DIA CEO and NASP representative, Carly Brookfield commented: "Whilst we were analysing the data and compiling the report it was interesting to see that whilst the quantitative responses to some of the proposals were strongly negative in many respects, the reflective comments bore out a concern that as yet there was not enough flesh on the bones of these proposals for respondents to take a fully informed view. I would strongly recommend that DVSA takes some time to read through the comments and suggestions from respondents, as there were some ideas and challenges that really have merit."

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