Britain's worst road revealed

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The A18 from Laceby to Ludborough is the UK’s most dangerous road according to research. 

The A-road between East Midlands and Yorkshire tops a high-risk table for the higher risk road without motorcycle involvement.

The research from charity The Road Safety Foundation said the 16km section of the A18 was rural an tree-lined, winding and narrow, and explained why 41% of accidents were run-off crashes. The number of fatal and serious crashes increased from 10 to 17 in the three years between reports. 

Half of all Britain’s road deaths are concentrated on just 10% of roads – the British EuroRAP network of motorways and A roads outside urban cores. 

Hampshire shoulders the biggest crash costs of all countries at £631m over three years with Kent, Lancashire and Essex suffering similarly high economic costs. 

Britain’s most improved road it the A70 Cumnock-Ayr in Scotland which saw a 94% reduction in the number of fatal an serious crashes from 16 to one over three years.

Road Safety Foundation chairman Lord Whitty said: “Travel on single carriageway A roads has become eight times more risky than on motorways, The most improved roads show just how effective small infrastructure improvements can be. But the pace of improvement is far too slow – just 2% of the network shows material reduction in risk.”

The report is sponsored by Ageas UK, whose chief executive Andy Watson said: “It is possible to make road safety pay. As this report shows, local authorities can invest small amounts which remove known high risks on the roads – potentially avoiding spending large amounts on expensive local services such as long term care when the brain or spine are injured.


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