Name and shame restricted bay offenders

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Drivers want to see people who misuse disabled and baby parking bays in car parks and shopping streets to be named and shamed in public.

A survey from car lease company found that 92% of drivers said restricted bay offenders should be named-and-shamed in public while 83% said they should be fined. 

Sixty-five percent said banning anti-social parkers from shops would be another way of preventing them for blocking spaces for drivers with special needs while 54% said the punishment should be the same irrespective of whether it was on public or private land. 

However, warned that there may be some reluctance on the part of both store operators and local authorities due to the potential of bad publicity if somebody is wrongly accused, 

"Even the most mild-mannered shopper's blood boils at the sight of somebody parking in a disabled bay who marches off like there's nothing wrong with them," says spokesperson Mark Hall, "and it's important that genuine offenders are somehow stopped from doing it again."



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