Honda owners take bad driver top spot

Friday, August 21, 2015


Honda drivers are the worst offenders on the road according to research. 

Although other drivers think BMW drivers are the worse on UK roads, Honda drivers came top in eight-out-of-20 driving offences. 

Honda was followed by Fiat, which took three of the top spots, according to the research carried out by Privilege car insurance.

Offences analysed included pulling out in front of people, taking up too much space on the road, forgetting to indicate and not observing right of way,

The findings come in spite of the fact that 28% named BMW as the worst for annoying other road users overall. BMW was trailed by Audi and Land Rover (both with 8%).  

Only 1% named Honda drivers as the most annoying on the roads which Privilege said was a self-perpetuating myth supported by Honda drivers themselves who predominantly claim they are always polite and courteous (66%).

Even BMW drivers think they’re annoying, with one-in-five naming other BMW drivers as the most annoying on the roads.

Respondents were also asked which words they associate with certain cars and BMW drivers were blasted with arrogant (42%), fast (30%), rude (22%) and annoying (21%).

But BMW drivers only come top in two of the 20 driving offence categories. 

Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege car insurance, said: “This is a light-hearted look at Britain’s roads, but it does have a serious message – inconsiderate or careless driving are two of the main causes of accidents, so hopefully this report will make people think about whether their driving will have a negative impact on other road users.”


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