Bosses fail to provide eyecare cover

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Over half of bosses are failing to provide eyecare despite concerns over their drivers' eyesight. 

A survey from SpecSavers Corporate Eyecare found that despite 25% of employers having concerns that some of their drivers may not have adequate eyesight, 54% did not offer eyecare to any of their drivers.

The survey also asked employers what they thought an accident could cost the business, in terms of things like sick pay, temporary cover, legal expenses, lost time, etc. A third of employers (33%) said they thought this could cost more than £5,000 and 85% believe this would be in excess of £1,000.

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare director of strategic alliances Jim Lythgow said: ‘We understand that employers are under pressure to provide all sorts of care and benefits for their employees. We really do believe, however, that eyecare is one of the most valuable, best value-for-money, benefits that an employer can offer.”

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