Women happy to carry out car checks

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sixty percent of women were more likely to carry out vehicle checks on their own motor rather than ask their husband or brother according to research.  
The figures, from vehicle leasing firm OSV revealed single ladies are doing it for themselves as 24% said they learnt to carry out the basic vehicle maintenance after a split.
Results revealed that five years ago, 54% of women said they didn’t know how to check their tyre pressure and more than 72% said prior to divorce/separation they would have known nothing about car maintenance.
A further 19% say they can change a tyre without a boyfriend, brother or Dad present to assist, whereas they wouldn’t have been able to in previous years
More than 63% of males surveyed thought their partners wouldn’t be able to check water levels yet over three quarters (78%) of women say they regularly check it and know how to top it up if needed.
Even though there are the dashboard warning lights for oil, water, etc both men and women felt safer doing the checks personally from time to time.
This new evidence of females’ ever increasing repertoire of practical skills comes as the number of men confident of their practical skills, is in decline. Research carried out found that more than half of men surveyed are unable to jump start a car and a whopping 34% say they wouldn’t attempt to change a tyre.
A small percentage of men even admitted to asking a partner to check the oil levels for them (9%).
Over a third (34%) of women claim they could find the lever to open their car bonnet faster than their partner would be able to.
OSV spokesman Andrew Kirkley said: "Motor maintenance is no longer just a man’s domain with more women getting under the bonnet and having a go at checking oil and topping up the windscreen wipe. It comes as no surprise that as women are increasingly spending more on their motors, they want to learn skills that will potentially save them money.”

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